Case Studies

Cornerstone Condominium / Mid Atlantic Management

Cornerstone Condominium Association / Mid Atlantic Management
Newtown, PA

Mid-Atlantic and the Cornerstone Condominium Association reached out to Shearon Environmental after a prior major drainage project did not solve drainage issues the residents were having. Shearon, working with the Association’s consultant, worked out a plan to efficiently direct all roof drains within the facility to an underground system that tied into the existing stormwater controls, moving thousands of gallons of water away from the porches, entrances and foundations of the buildings. Shearon removed the failing system and installed over four thousand linear feet on new pipe tying in 175 downspouts to the system. With Shearon’s ability to bring in the correct specialized equipment to complete the job efficiently, the daily lives of the residents was not affected and the job was completed before winter would have caused further delay. The outcome is that the residents are no longer dealing with water in open space areas and against foundations, producing a site that is more useful, more aesthetically pleasing and no longer a liability to the community and its residents.